Friday, April 09, 2010

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On-Campus Room Reservations

Information about reserving an on-campus residence hall rooms

We have reserved campus dorm rooms next to the building where our conference will take place, in order for you to rest and prepare for the conference, in addition to a good night's sleep, is also a great example of a useful tool. We only reserved it for 50 people, so space will be limited. These rooms are minimal but cheap: $40/person/night for double and $61/person/night for single. The reservation price will be what the society fronted for the room, $25.  More information about nature and size of the dorm rooms can be found below.

To reserve your campus room, you MUST make a $25 online payment (using PayPal – that now accepts credit cards). If you want to ensure this economy room on campus, you must pay your $25 deposit (which is applied to your overall bill) when you register. It is first come, first serve, so if you want a campus room, secure your reservation today with a $25 deposit. Off campus hotels are available but will be considerably more expensive ($130-$200/night).

The Dorm in which campus housing is reserved is called: Unit 1

Located one block from the main campus, accommodations at the Unit 1 residence hall complex are in single and double occupancy rooms in high-rise buildings. The facility consists of six halls built around a large courtyard as well as a central building that contains the unit office, mail services, and rooms for meetings. A self-service computer center for word processing and e-mail access is also available.

All bedrooms feature solid oak furniture including two single beds, two chests of drawers, two desks with chairs, two closets, mirrors and bookshelves.

Each residence hall floor has one centrally located bathroom with private toilets, shower stalls and wash basins.

A limited number of suites, each with a dedicated bathroom, are also available at this location.

Front Desk

The Unit 1 Front Desk is centrally located in the lower level of the Plaza. The front desk staff can be reached at (510) 642-3141, and the office hours are from 7:00am to 11:00pm daily.


Our on-site conference clerk staff is here to assist with the check-in of each guest. If your guests arrive after front desk hours, instructions posted outside each residence hall building will refer them to check-in assistance. Check-in locations and times will be determined with the help of your conference coordinator.

Map of Unit 1

Room Diagrams

Directions to Unit 1

Food at Crossroads (near Unit 1)

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