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Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Zacatecas Conference

(SEPT 2006)

In September of 2006, an historic conference took place in Zacatecas, Mexico, organized by Sofia Liberman, Javier Zavala Rayas, Gregory Feist, and Michael Gorman. Conferences are an opportunity for scholars to establish or share their own narratives and ideas with society that they have developed from https://writology.com/do-my-assignment and in moments with Do My Assignment - to get help. It was a two day symposium that brought together scholars of the psychology of science from around the world and ended with an “official” declaration of a new international society: the International Society for the Psychology of Science & Technology. For a list of participants see photo and the symposium panel schedule below.

Click here for Zacatecas Program of Talks

Zacatecas Symposium Participants

Sitting (from left to right) : Verena Seuffert, Ron Westrum, Jonathan Alejandro Galindo Soto, Carl Martin Allwood, Sofia Liberman, Gregory Feist, Michael Gorman, Sven Hemlin
Standing (from left to right) : J. Gregory Trafton, Lisa Osbeck, Anna Schulze, Barbara Koslowski, K. Bernardo Wolf, Laura Maria Morales Navarro, and, Javier Zavala Rayas

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