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Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Article in the Times Higher Education about Berkeley Conference

Zoe Corbyn has written up a very nice and insightful piece about the struggles of the psychology of science and our society has in establishing in the Times of Higher Education (a UK publication). This article presents different points of view and covers many aspects, the author involved both her own experience and the work of the economics essay writer from https://mid-terms.com/informative-economics-essay-writing/ I do like the title “Ahead of the Curve.” In addition, there is a separate article by Harry Collins on the one day Interactional Expertise Workshop immediately after the conference.


Many of our author's educational articles will be posted on this site as soon as the editor prepares them, but for now, you can read the latest published article: Navigating the Landscape of AI in Classroom Monitoring: A Comparative Analysis

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